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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> after such a mild winter this is pretty tough to take, unless you like snow. this is rose valley in delaware county. it is pretty, but not what most people want to see in april. when spring returns, that's up in just minutes. but first, breaking news in olney. an off-duty police officer shoots and kills a would-be robber. good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans. now the shooting happened this afternoon near broad and chew street. that's where sabina kuriakose is live right now on the scene. sabina? >> reporter: joyce, we're told it happened just after 2:00 here along the 5700 block of park avenue. that's where it started. now you can see, officers have since cleared that scene. they've taken down the crime scene tape t looks like investigators are wrapping up
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for the day. but let's take a look at video we got for you little earlier today. we're told off duty officer saw a man on the street, holding up another man, at gunpoint, that was here along park avenue. now, witnesses say that man, the robbery victim, was an elderly gentleman. and we're told the off duty officer stepped in, we're told he identified himself as a police officer, and told the suspect to drop his weapon. but, instead, police say the suspect pointed his handgun at the officer. now, we're told the officer then fired at the suspect, it is not clear yet, if the suspect shot back at the officer. but we do know that that suspect was hit in the abdomen. and then he ran down park avenue, he turned the corner onto chew, and he headed all the way up toward broad street. but he collapsed just before getting to broad street in front after boost mobile store. we're told the officer held him there at gunpoint until back up arrived. we spoke with police and also spoke with witnesses.
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first you'll hear from police and then an eyewitness. >> so that's the suspect mask, there he collapses here, the off duty officer more or less holds him until arriving officers arrive at the location. turned around, said some shots were fired, and we turned around and looked. the guy got, you know, pulled, robbed the person on the grounds, and at the same time we saw the guy standing over him, noticed he was shot, wasn't really moving, and he kept saying don't move, don't move, whatever. kind of screaming, fell, called 911. >> reporter: now, that suspect was pronounced dead at einstein hospital just after 3:00 this afternoon, just a short time after all of this unfolded now, internal affairs as well as homicide detectives are investigating. now, witnesses do describe seeing a gun being taken off of the suspect by police. now we're told the elderly victim in the robbery that
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started all of this, he had cuts to his body, and he was treated at the hospital, we're told he is expected to be okay. but, again, a off duty officer, we are told, came upon a robbery of an elderly man. he then shot and killed the suspect. of course this investigation continues, and we'll have much more as it develops, joyce, back to you. >> all right, thank you, sabina. now to our spring snow. flakes falling all over the area, for most of the afternoon. this is along henry avenue in roxborough. snow causing some accidents out there on local highways. check out the media bypass, this afternoon, where a car ended up on its side. no words on any injuries. we are told there were several fender benders all over the region. fox 29 meteorologist, dave warren here now, dave, now what? >> this is little coating, right, makes the road pretty slippery, still coming down, still fairly heavy specially there in cape may county, atlantic county, where we've seen it cota lot of roadways there. it is coming from an end,
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almost, still little snow, and it will come through the area little later this evening. right now, you can see, the last three hours, breaking up a bit. but still, snow coming down with ultimate doppler, in cape may county, and atlantic county. it was heavy for awhile, and where it is heavy enough it, will easily coat the roadways, despite the higher sun angle we've been talking about, temperatures slightly above freezing, still problems along cape may county, slow down on the roadways, there snow coming down in atlantic city, very impressive pictures coming in, from this part of the area where that road quickly became snow covered. ninety-five, close to philadelphia, the turnpike, we're starting to see it break up just little bit. not completely, though. this area of snow will swing on through, and the tricky part about this is the sunset time. 7:34. as soon as that sun goes down, little bit of snow could easily coat the roadways, there is the threat that far here over the next fewer hours, that will make the roads pretty slippery. we're not getting any warmer
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over night tonight. freeze warning in effect as temperatures will be dropping down below freezing. they are above freezing right now at 38. visibility is 8 miles, the winds about 12 miles an hour, out of the northwest. winter weather advisory expiring here in the north and western counties, but continuing until 8:00 in the added area because that far band of snow that really developed across south jersey. temperatures remain right about freezing but will be dropping below freezing after midnight tonight, that band of snow could coat the roadways little more, but once that comes through, we are done. tomorrow morning no more snow, but areas that has a little bit of slush or water there, could easily refreeze overnight tonight. thirty, north and west, windy and colder there, 34 along i-95, and to the south we'll see temperatures at 33 degrees with some light snow continuing. the winds will start to pick up, though it, will gust 30, 35 miles an hour. now, warmer weather comes back, but along with that we have some more rain. a look at the timing of that coming up in the seven day
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forecast. until then, slow down on the roadways tonight it, could be a shrill slippery. >> we can't waif for that, thank you, dave. woman found dead inside bathroom after chestnut hill staples. workers had to use a crowbar to get inside the ladies room last night because it was locked from the inside once they got in there they found the 36 year old woman dead. investigators say there were ten empty cans of aerosol keyboard cleaner in the trash can, and two cans inside the woman's purse. they had been stolen from the store shelf. the exact cause of the woman's death is still under investigation. a man is killed when the car he was driving careened off kelly drive and landed in the schuylkill river. happened just before 3:00 this morning. police say the car hit a wall, became airborne, and flipped in mid-air. >> from the basement -- from this wall, upside down, submerge in the about 6 feet deep of water.
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so the fire department rescue one actually had to hook up a couple, just to get the car wait in the better position, where our divers could try and find out if there was an occupant or multiple occupants. >> we do know the driver was about 25 years old. but we don't know his name at this point. >> a car slams into a chain east restaurant in chester, just after midnight. investigators say it hit a gas line and set the roof of the business on fire. the restaurant was open at the time. but nobody inside was hurt. the woman behind the wheel of the car had minor injuries. a traffic light pole ends up on top after car in university city, and a jeep landed on its side. alcohol is suspected to be involved in this early morning crash. happened at 38th and walnut. police believe the driver of the jeep may have been drinking, and he was taken to hahnemann hospital. two pedestrians and two people inside the car were also hurt.
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>> you decide tonight. another win for senator bernie sanders. the democratic candidate for president came up big in the wyoming caucuses today. still, his win is not likely to help him make up ground in the delegate race with hillary clinton. meanwhile, candidates from both parties were campaigning this weekend in new york. this is ahead of the next primary. fox's brian janice is on the campaign trail tonight. >> senator ted cruz is campaigning in colorado today giving the keynote address at the state republic juan convention. >> we're here today for something a lot more important than politics. we're here today because our country is in crisis. >> the centennial state is selecting 14 delegates this weekend and cruz is expected to come away with an imagine may of them. done add trump is hitting the grounds in his home turf in new york along with john kasich. primary the next big contest in a race becoming increasingly tight. >> we don't have to wore bit rich, the connected and the
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powerful, but for all of us, who have spent, you know, trying to play by the rules and get somewhere, we just want to believe the system's fair. >> on the democrat side, hillary clinton and bernie sands remembers also campaigning in new york, sanders is criss-crossing the new york city area, including a stop at the historic apollo theatre in harlem. >> in you just look at the issues objectively, what you will find is that we are the strongest democratic campaign to defeat some right wing republicans. >> sanders is trying to harness the recent western state victories in some normal men momentum heading into bigger states, but it might not put much after dent in the delegate race, where hillary clinton maintains a strong lead. >> no matter who the republicans nominate, really looking forward to debating either trump or cruz. >> while still more than a week away, new york will be the focus for the final five candidates remaining specially on thursday night, where the democratics debate in brooklyn
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n new york, brian yanis, fox news. >> developing tonight, a big break in the brussels terror attacks it, authorities say they've identified the man in the hat, who was seen in the airport there, beside two suicide bombers. investigators say, the man, muhammad abrini, picked up in a raid yesterday and he confessed to being the man in the hat. abrini1 of four suspect charged today in connection with the brussels attacks from last month. thirty-two people were killed, and nearly 300 more were hurt, when bombs went off at the airport and a subway station. abrini also suspect in the paris terrorist attacks last november. a homeless man is in jail in lancaster county tonight. this is after police say he stabbed his own father and stepmother. police say they found daniel fry standing on a sidewalk with a knife in his hand. officers say he threw it away
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when they walked toward him. they say fry's 76 year old father was lying nearby. they say the father had been stabbed in the neck and is in guarded condition tonight. the stepmother was stabbed in the hands, she out of the hospital and friday fry is facing charges. meantime, philadelphia police are looking for the person who stabbed a man to death in the city's west oaklane neighborhood. the man's body was found inside a basement apartment on limekiln pike, around 1:30 this morning, the homeowner told police, that he was sleeping when he heard the victim screaming. >> still ahead tonight on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 wild police chase caught on tape. you won't believe who is inside this car trying to out run the cops. the unlikely suspect in the crime spree they are accused of working, that's coming up. >> plus, bruce springsteen the boss, cancels his north carolina show over the state's controversial bathroom law. fans are mad and one mayor is
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scared. what he fears could happen next. plus: continuing coverage of our spring snow. this is shot right there, in chestnut hill this afternoon, dave warren with a return of spring is coming up. and sean bell? >> joyce, flyers coming in today with a few different playoff scenarios, bottom line, they need to get a win it stay in the hunt, playoff picture later in sports. the world a president has to grapple with.
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sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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tonight police in lancaster county want to identify this man wanted in a robbery at a k-mart. police say the man in these surveillance pictures is suspected of taking security tags off a number of products at the store and then he left the store without paying for any of it. it happened thursday, at a k-mart in the town of willow street on village road. >> police department's from all over the country looking for new recruits right here in philadelphia. fox 29's jennifer joyce went to a career fair where the focus is on diversity. >> reporter: baltimore pd and even fort worth, texas, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are in philadelphia for diversity career fair. the first ever hosted by the philadelphia police department. recruitment officer kenneth scott says diversity is key in community policing. >> we have a better working relationship with the people that you're serving. sometimes may have language barrier, by having a diversity that helps.
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>> rutgers university senior morgan says working in law enforcement has always been her dream. >> this, definitely, personal, you know, oh, i've had a lot of family in law enforcement, military, so avenue great appreciation for everyone in the work. >> happily accepts the challenge of entering the career as a minority female. >> i want to be a role model for other women who want to be officers, want to be in law enforcement, to not be afraid, you know, don't be afraid that you're a woman. you are just as capable of doing the job if not better than anyone else. >> the point of this event, to let people know that there are jobs available. one agency, the fbi, says they plan to hire 750 special agents this year. >> hundreds of people of different races, sections, and ages. piled into the bright hope baptist church in north philadelphia, eager to learn about employment opportunities. mayor jim kenney says he is excited to see police departments focused on building diversified
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department, working together on this common goal in the city of philadelphia. >> the more we interact with each other, in different didn't, the more things we share with each other, the more ideas we share, we're all in it together across the count troy keep people safe. >> in north philadelphia, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". comic book entheusiasts turned out in camden to share their love for their favorite heroes. the rutgers university camden third annual comic con just wrapped up tonight, rioters, creaters, illustrated all on hand to meet fans, the event also featured panel discussions and artwork shops. bruce springsteen fans in north carolina are upset. the boss has canceled his sunday show in opposition to the state's controversial bathroom law. and the mayor of greensboro is worried. this is only the beginning of the backlash. fox's jasmine spencer report. >> ♪ >> bruce springsteen's river tour is skipping past north carolina, and it is all
6:18 pm
because of house ville two. the announcement made on his website explains cancelling sunday's concert in greensboro is, quote, the strongest means i have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backward instead of forward. >> it absolutely is not the mindset of greensboro. >> mayor nancy bonds said she is disappointed and this cancellation is the first direct economic hit hb2 has on greensboro for thousands. >> they estimate there is 100,000-dollar lost to our bottom line revenue just from this, just from this concert. that doesn't take into consideration the loss that the restaurants and the hotels will suffer by not having him in here. >> restaurants like under current, downtown, look forward to out of town guests. >> it is tough it, really is. it is tough because citizen of greensboro, as a citizens of north carolina, and as a businessman, it is difficult to know that one bill, such as
6:19 pm
this, not only is discriminatory, but also affect businesses all over north carolina. >> co-owner west wheeler said his restaurant has always had an open door policy to all its customers, yet springsteen did the right thing for the greater cause. >> it is affecting local businesses but bruce springsteen being the living legends that he is, having the voice he has, and knowing that voice has a broader range and can reach more people, is very important when it comes to this sort of thing. >> mayor vaughn worthies cancellation won't be the last for the city. >> well, you know, i'm very concerned about the ncaa. we have quite a few tournaments over the next 12 months. those are in jeopardy. but what's more is we are also bidding on tournaments for the future, and my concern is that we are going to be discounted right out of hand. >> still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 police say it was no romantic get away. but, a love triangle gone really bad that landed this woman in mexico, and how she
6:20 pm
ended up on the fbi's most wanted list. where she is tonight. we'll tell you all about it, plus a happy ending for a dog left for dead in a creek. the ordeal the pup somehow survived and where he is heading now. >> this was an absolutely electric night. >> thanks for our relationship with fox. you guys have been great. >> thank you, villanova, for making our city proud. from all of us here at fox 29. >> from all of us here at fox 29.
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>> tonight a woman wanted for murder in texas, is behind bars, in mexico. thirty-three year old brenda delgato here, was taken into custody at a house near mexico city. accused of putting out a hit on doctor kendra hatcher. now, hatcher shot and killed in dallas. investigators say, she was dating delgato's ex-boyfriends , waiting to be sent back working arrested in texas. the manhunt for accused killer who escaped a pschiatric facility comes to an end, late last night,
6:24 pm
anthony garber arrested in spokane, washington, a k9 unit found the escapee hiding under a pile of debris in the woods. garber has been a patient at the pschiatric facility since 2014. that's after he was found mentally incompetent, to stand trial. court documents say that he killed a woman by stabbing her 24 times, before slashing her throat. the other inmate who escaped with garber was caught two days ago. it is my hope that this time the department of corrections in the state of washington find a way to make sure that this dangerous criminal does not escape again. this is the second time, and thank goodness because of the good police work done today. >> garber's being treated for dehydration at the hospital, after that, he will be taken back to the spokane county jail. >> a happy ending to a horrific case of animal cruelty, a puppy, left for
6:25 pm
dead in texas, in a creek there, is now back with his new family. fox's chris has that store. >> i yes, his name will be russ. >> i playful and happy, rusty the six month olds puppy headed home for good with donna and her family. >> he'll have an easy road from here on out. >> rusty's road has been anything but easy. found in a waller county creek bed last weekends with his mouth taped shut and a weight wrapped around his neck. >> sadness to joy. >> randy, the man who found and rescued the pup. >> i'm particular told death she is taking the dog. >> and donna was the 911 dispatch here took the emergency call about the abuse. >> i told my husband, i said, i just feel like something i have to do. >> the family lost their dog last year. >> timing was perfect. >> and can't wait to welcome russ toy a safe and loving home. >> a god sends for us. >> i'm real happy, and i know that 9,000 people that been asking about him, they're going to be happy, too.
6:26 pm
>> the question however still remains, who could do such a thing to poor little pup. >> i we have to find out who did this. >> water county crime stoppers offering $1,000 reward for information leading to arrest. >> this is a haneous crime. i can't believe this even even people walking amongst us that can do something like that to a helpless animal. >> rusty spent the last week recovering at a vet clinic, but now has a clean bill of health. and a new lesion life. >> it is going to be wonderful. it is a happy ending, very happy ending. >> in water county, fox news. still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 a wild police chase caught on tape. you won't believe who was in this car trying to out run the cops. the crime spree they are accused of, all of that next. >> and you're doing everything to look good, you're eating less, working out more, but there is still something in your food that is aging you from the inside out. what's sucking the life out of your skin. dave? >> weather is a little light in it today.
6:27 pm
looking al snowfall and the two to 3 inches, suburbs to the coast. 3 inches in mullica hill, just about 3 inches in estell manor. snow is winding down and looking at a warm up. see these numbers in the seven day forecast coming up.
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>> snow, falling pretty hard this afternoon, this is i76 near the conshohocken curve. dave warren will be here in minutes with the return of spring in the seven day forecast. car chase pushing 130 miles an hour, and teenagers are behind the wheel. tell fox's jacqueline shultz they could be tied to even larger crime spree across three counties in georgia. >> six teenagers take deputies on 13-mile chase. >> where speeds got to up 135 miles per hour.
6:31 pm
>> police put look out for the dodge challenger with a green stripe after witnesses saw teens breaking into cars. the car, stolen. >> deputies surround, as the car whips in and out of traffic, the teens even dump a laptop and gun case on to the road. >> our deputies did an excellent job of making sure that the communities and the drivers on the road stayed safe. >> found with two guns, the six from ages 14 to 16, and now atlanta police tell us they're work to go link these teens to other smash and grab burglaries, the same morning, fox5 aired this cell phone video thursday of teens running after they broke in with bricks to get cash from registers. they took off, in a dodge challenger, with a green stripe. >> how close they came to really injuring themselves and the public at large.
6:32 pm
>> sergeant cory with police spoke to some of the teens after their arrest. he says, reality hit these kids of the dangers of the chase and the seriousness of the charges. >> they really are kids, that's the most important thing here for us to realize, even as a community. >> now to your fox weather 29 weather. i see snow. i see 30's up and down. your five day, at least, what's going on here? >> you won't see 30's tomorrow morning. what are we seeing tomorrow morning? my tulips will thank you? >> hey, speaking of flowers, we have may flowers, in the april snow showers. now, this is out toward the west, we had a lot, well, considering good amount of snow in the western counties and along the coast. in the middle here, and say tyler arboretum, or morris
6:33 pm
arboretum, excuse me, we have snow on tree limbs, but a lot of the roadways just wet. maybe little coating of snow, heavy bands of snow down the shore, coated roadways from cape may county all the way to up atlantic city there is sent to us, here, right around cape may. have a seat. i don't think so. not tonight. the snow is winding down, though, heavy band here, right along atlantic city, and cape may, put a lot of snow on the grounds quickly, the area of snow shrinking as intensity dice down you don't see the cold air in, so see the snow switch over to rain, it might improve before sunset. starting to see it break up little bit here, in center city philadelphia, and areas in south jersey, however, another band of snow might come through. the thing i'm concerned with is, it will be coming through the philadelphia area, south jersey, after sunset, so we won't have the benefit of that sun's energy through the clouds to melt the snow if it is light enough. could coat the roads before
6:34 pm
the temperatures drop. they are above freezing, that's helping, but we're not going to see much that far much longer. the temperatures drop quickly overnight tonight, and freeze warning in effect, not included in the lehigh valley, it will be below freezing there, but the growing season not underway yet, seeing the growing season started they issue these freeze warnings, that was april 1st. few light snow showers coming through, after sunset, this will quickly accumulate on the roadways, little snow could make it slippery. winds will pick up, despite sunshine tomorrow, it is cold in the morning, mid to low 20's, clouds will increase there late tomorrow night. keep the temperatures from dropping too much tomorrow night. but look what we wake up to in the morning. twenty's, even teens, with light breeze. so it feels a lot colder with the windchill. climbing into the 40's, so it will help improve things quickly in the morning, with that sunshine it, will not drop as much overnight monday night, now, sunday to monday.
6:35 pm
monday with the clouds moving in, looking at periods of rain for the home opener, temperatures will be about 62 degrees, gets little warmer but the rain comes in monday and is still around on tuesday. forty's, 50's, so not all that cold in the morning, but little bit of light rain on monday, good bit more rain on tuesday, before clearing out, you get cooler breeze thereon wednesday. thursday and friday, bright sunshine, not bad as temperatures go, up ear's, close to 60. and it will be a little warmer in the morning there, by saturday morning, next weekends, so, it looks a little better if you have been pushing off your plans, these weekend storms coming in not great, but not all that bad. >> sixty? >> i think we r still below average. >> that's true. >> thank you, dave. >> still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 marriage proposal goes horribly wrong.
6:36 pm
why it caused a whole lot and the groom to be ended up in jail. >> how beatles fans came to his rescue. that's next.
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>> is this something you want to know about? sweden. now you can just pick up your call and make a call to the country. that's right, sweden now has a national phone number. and if you call it, you are going to be connect today a random swayed who will answer all of the questions you want about the country. the phone number is part of a campaign to promote tourism. >> in the market for a pink diamond? well, you better head to switzer land for that. this rare pair shaped pink diamond will hit the auction block in geneva next month. it is described as soup peoplely rare and exception all. weighing more than 15 karats. the diamond is expected to sell for as much as $38 million. army veteran's marriage proposal goes bad, after the gesture landed him in the sleep. the california man is talking about that drama fox's keith
6:40 pm
carls has the story. >> a lot of puppies cute, but this one -- >> holding his german shepherd puppy moses, 27 year old michael banks says he decided to climb a rock thursday morning so co-record cell phone video marriage proposal to his girlfriends. >> you know, you see this rock, this rock is the rocky would love to put on your finger, if i could buy a diamond this size, i would, because that's what you're worth to me, and ultimately, you know, i'll never let that go. so will you marry me? if i feel that way at at least. >> did she say yes? >> she said yes. the way she said yes was the most part. she says of course i'll marry, you you are a crazy and, you know, sob, and she goes off telling me i can't believe you, you are either going to die or get arrested. >> he said he did not know it was illegal to climb morrow rock, was stunned at the emergency rest cue response he found himself in as he was climbing down.
6:41 pm
>> i shouted out to the firemen, i said, you know, is there a problem? because you guys are rolling in by the numbers right now, and i don't understand what's going on? >> the helicopter eventually lifted banks down to the ground where he was check over and issued misdemeanor citation fortress passing. hours after the rescue banks said he was arrested by morrow bay police for being under the influence of methamphetamine, which banks says was medication he takes from the va as arm veteran. after spending the night in the county jail banks said he's now faced when having to pay a fine fortress passing, and thousands of dollars for the helicopter rescue off the rocks. >> if i made it all the way to the top that far rock without roams, and that far down to the 150 feet, what makes anybody else think that i might not have made it the last hundred feet? >> saying his intentions were rock solid, banks says he has no regrets. >> i would do it again simply for the fact that she deserves something so unique that no man has ever done that in a
6:42 pm
proposal, no man ever will again. >> okay. still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 you're doing everything you can to look good. you're eating less, working out more, but there is still something in your food that is aging you from the inside out. what is sucking the life out of your skin. >> good evening, i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson, coming up tomorrow on good day, ladies what's in your pocketbook. what's that say about you? >> raw stickler for grammar? you may be smart or you may and jerk. >> all right, kids getting enough exercise? plus the secret to fighting food allergies. that's tomorrow on good day. the world a president has to grapple with.
6:43 pm
sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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>> a florida's man on sex with the beatles has saved his home. ken barber is a collector of beatles memorabilia in st. petersberg. well, barber was facing foreclosure on his home, and had he a medical problem that only made things worse. so, one of his friends encouraged him to go set up a go funds me page. and suddenly, beatles fans from all across the world were
6:46 pm
donating, didn't take long for barber to surpass his goal of $10,000. >> so you washing hard to look good, watching what you eat, exercising, but something in your food is reaking havoc, on your skin. we're talking about sugar. and how a scientist working to help diabetics may have uncovered an anti-aging cure for us all. >> we crave t we need it. and who doesn't like it? but how much is too much? >> the average american, way too much. >> and where it goes? mother people don't know. >> i think people can sugar at the waistline. >> we know all about that. >> there is something called sugar sag. >> sugar sag? >> we're damaging the skin.
6:47 pm
>> dermatologist, harold farber, explains how sugar makes its way through our bloodstream. >> sugar attaches to the protein, then it lodges somewhere in the skin, and it destroys some of these proteins in the skin. the proteins that are destroyed are collagen fibers and elastic fibers, that gives us that radient look, gives us the healthy appearance it, gives us that firm necessary. >> suck the life out of our skin, and they say that's knott all. >> what i'm going do first, start by cleansing your skin. >> in addition to speeding up the natural aging process, skin care experts also believe this so-called toxic sugar is promoting skin problems like acne, dark spots, dry, dull, and possibly slow healing skin. >> here, here, and the chin area. >> forty-two, mother of four, she has had it with the multiple skin issues she just
6:48 pm
can't seem to get a handle on. >> on my nose, around the nose area, see, it is going downhill fast. >> she came to jane marie de mat owe at demi skin care clinic for position and application directions. >> do you have little bit of sugar in your diet, correct? >> yes. >> she wasn't ready for diet and nutrition talk. >> we are going to stop with all of the little cupcakes. >> i was wondering where is she going about this? why is she asking about my die net. >> her waistline doesn't show it, but she realizes there are plenty of sugars, starches of all kinds that she and her family are still getting way too much of even though they've cut back. >> oftentimes we ends up at fast-food chains, which is bad for us, so i'm sure that has all types of things in it not helping my skin. >> no spn. >> jane marie has an arsenal of things to help. >> so we're going to start out with your toner twice a day, how is that?
6:49 pm
then we add this product the lighten up serum, also adding in your sunscreen for any uv damage, and also your green tea serum. >> this sunday screen leads a bit of a ashy tint, but she will cover it up with make up. jane says some people need more product, others, far less. >> so what i may prescribe for you or suggest for you would not work for maybe the next person. >> one product gaining a lot of new attention was created by a scientist, who stumbled upon an enzyme and it side effect. she was actually researching ways to help diabetics, suffering suffering with kidney disease, blindness, other complications, like slow healing wounds. >> we're looking for a drug to stop this enzyme so we don't get these toxic sugars. so, instead, what we did is found natural ingredient, and little tweaked it, and you use that in the cream.
6:50 pm
doctor got to work with biochemist partner, did trials on ages 40 and over, including herself and her 80 year old mom. >> and everyone got better. >> approved for cosmetic purposes only, the doctor stresses, but some may believe it does more. >> because what happens is when you look good, you feel good. and so maybe you don't need so many pills. >> doctors say african-americans, in particular, they benefit bit more from these products, and healthier eating habits. because genetically, they have a 50% chance at developing diabetes, and historically, many maintain diets way too high in fat, sugars, starch, and processed foods. >> i'll make the the rice that you pop in a microwave, like 90 seconds. i do the frozen vegtables that you pop in the microwave. >> still healthy eating is spend i have eating, especially feeding two teens,
6:51 pm
two, 20 something's, and a husband. >> this is going to be a challenge. definitely going to be a challenge. >> oh, she can do it. well, her top goals are a bit pricy but they do last for months. experts say you can fight toxic sugar by eating some every day item that you probably already have in your kitchen, like cinnamin, ginger, and you need to find the right moisturizer and cleanser for you. it can be simple and affordable. you just have to be patient, though, to see any result. well, an in east falls, the sixers hold a clinic for hundreds of local kids, players, and coach brett brown, cheered professional experience with kids from elementary school through high school. type dancer entertained the crowds, and participants got to walk away with some teen squad, took away from growth chart and really nice back packs. >> joyce, sixers favorite son, pride and joy, allen iverson
6:52 pm
spoke yesterday. check out what towed say about his legally. and the flyers in action, a win, but they have to do it against the hottest team in hockey. i'll let you know if we'll all be celebrating next in sport.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> the flyers no longer hold their own destiny. clinch playoff spot, so now only one spot remaining, boston bruins are one point ahead of the flyers with one game up, a win can bury the flyers, but a lost leaves the door wide open. the bruins taking on the senators, second period, tied at one, eric carlson with the shot. zach smith right therefore the rebounds, take two-one lead, all ottawa from there. they piled it on in the second period, boston, would fall six-one, and the flyers,
6:55 pm
perfect opportunity. it is simple, if the flyers win, they're n first period down, but not for lock. jake bore check finds streaking wayne simmons right for the goal. that's goal right there. tied at one. second period, still tide. check this out. shane, with the rocket shot barely hits off wayne simmons, redirection, and the flyers take the lead in that would be the clinchers, flyers win three-one, guess what? we're going to the playoffs. >> all those guys in the lockerroom, great job. from goalies on out, we deserve this. >> eighth seed. now they have to deal with the number one seed, washington capitols. doesn't get any easier. the answer, allen iverson, gave teary eyed speech to the media, making it the hall of fame, who he is as a person,
6:56 pm
how he wants to be remembered. ai always in the most beloved and controversial figure in the game, yesterday, the city, showing little love. watch the game, court side, directly influenced how they can play, and even dress. most important to the coach, more important to the culture, even labron james. ai talked about what he want his legacy to be. >> i want my legacy to be bigger than basketball. i want to be somebody. i want to be -- i want to go down in history when you had them bash he shop talks, and, you know, had them different argument, whatever, i want somebody to be talking about what a great man i am and was. i don't want nobody to be, when i go, when i die, i don't want to be like oh, okay, you heard allen iverson gone, he dead.
6:57 pm
oh, okay, well, what are we doing tonight? let's hang out. where are we going tonight? no, i want it to hurt. i want people to feel t like i want to mean something to people. i want people to love me, the same way i love people. that's my life. >> if allen son, whenever he goes, the whole sitly cry, everyone will weep. he is one of the most beloved figures of all time. if you roll with allen, you roll with and. he loves you back for it. >> yes, he did. all right, good for him. well, that is our news for this saturday night. you're live lottery drawing is next. followed by nascar, and we're going to see you back here after the race. have a good night, everybody. # homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra
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